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Impact of Ontario's Bill 135 as it nears final passage

Ontario's Bill 135 proposes to amend the Green Energy Act, 2009 to impose energy and water usage reporting on certain buildings. While Bill 135 has not yet received Royal Assent, the Ministry of Energy has been working on relevant regulations since early 2015....

Recent Toronto Star Editorial Letter re Falling Glass is Misleading

A recent editorial letter in the Toronto Star about Falling Glass is not only misleading about Ontario Building Code requirements, it does not identify useful measures to prevent such incidents in the future. ...

Consumers Council of Canada Report on Urban Intensification and Condominiums

A 2016 report by the Consumers Council of Canada on Residential Intensification and impacts on Consumers, contains 19 specific recommendations to various stakeholders including the CNWWA....

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Vertical Village - using new planning methods for urban intensification

DAS Lecture Series: Nathalie de Vries January 21 2016 5:30 p.m. - 8:00 p.m. PIT ARC 202, 325 Church Street CONTACT:

Thursday January 21 2016 Ryerson University

CSA A440.5 Proposed Standard

CNWWA is a member of the Technical Committee for proposed CSA Standard A440.5 - High Exposure (High-Rise) Fenestration Standard for the high rise glazing systems including window wall units. ....

EXP Continuing Work on Draft Specifications

CNWWA has commissioned EXP, a top engineering firm to develop standard specifications for window wall systems in Canada ...

Toronto, July 2015

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